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We will find a packaging solution for all your needs, the task of solving it depends on your goal: what you want to pack, how you want to pack it, and what functionality you want from the packaging. We can do it, we have solved the following tasks many times before: from food to large-sized product packaging.

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Our equipment inventory allows us to find an optimal way to create a unique and specifically tailored packaging process for you, produce specialized packaging materials, and offer a packaging process option that increases the efficiency of your manufacturing processes. This can be done because we have deep knowledge and expertise in the packaging process market, customized for countless activities of our clients.

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We strive to make your packaging processes more efficient and optimal: more productive equipment and processes, packaging materials with more precise parameters, and a smaller workforce. We always start our collaboration with a review of the packaging processes used in your company and offer reasonable suggestions that you will be happy to accept. Ultimately, optimizing packaging processes allows cost savings without compromising quality and customer satisfaction.

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Packspace is a packaging process optimization company that quickly, efficiently, and accurately creates, finds, and delivers packaging materials, packaging equipment, or packaging process management solutions, allowing businesses to save and increase efficiency by optimizing packaging processes.

We achieve results because, over more than 21 years of work in this market, we have accumulated a huge wealth of knowledge, competencies, and connections with the best packaging material and equipment manufacturers, designers, and suppliers in the world and in Lithuania.

At present, we have our own manufacturing facility and main office in Kaunas, a dedicated sales team operating throughout Lithuania, and a group of packaging process specialists reaching any part of the country.

From our clients, we know well that you are not merely seeking packaging materials for the sake of packaging materials or packaging equipment for the sake of equipment. You are seeking to address and solve the challenges that arise in your production cycle, and, let’s be honest, sometimes problems. You aim for your production process to become maximally efficient from a business perspective, to be environmentally friendly, and to allow your customers to enjoy high-quality products and goods. At present, we have our own manufacturing facility and main office in Kaunas, a dedicated sales team operating throughout Lithuania, and a group of packaging process specialists reaching any part of the country.

Therefore, we understand our scope of work not only as packaging materials and packaging equipment but as  an industrial packaging process market, whose goal and aim are to streamline packaging processes in industrial production across all three main areas: packaging materials (the package), packaging equipment, and packaging process efficiency.



The purpose of every business is to grow and expand its operations. At Packspace, we understand growth and expansion as the continuous optimization and improvement of packaging processes used in our clients’ manufacturing processes through efficiency-boosting innovations and a deep understanding of industrial needs.

We understand that you, our dear clients, have unique needs that require time-consuming proposals and solutions to fulfill. We strive to stay ahead in the constantly evolving packaging world, continually improving our products and services to ensure that our clients receive the most advanced and sustainable packaging solutions.

By collaborating with clients and striving for a shared vision of competence, we aim to make a long-term impact on the packaging industry and the efficiency outcomes of each of our clients. We work towards assisting you in continually improving packaging processes, leveraging our expertise in the fields of packaging processes, packaging materials, and packaging solutions.





There is nothing more important than fulfilling our promise, which we guarantee. An agreement is our guarantee. How our clients perceive us is essential to our success: how we deliver what we promised, how we keep our word. If we agree, you can be assured that you will receive what you expect. We are optimizing our clients’ industrial packaging processes.


How to perform the packaging process so that it is maximally beneficial, fast, simple, eco-friendly, innovative, and reliable. Optimizing packaging processes allows us to save our clients’ costs, time, and personnel while maintaining quality. These process optimization solutions create a long-term competitive advantage for our clients.


In the packaging process optimization market, we have been operating for over 21 years. During that time, we have grown and evolved with the entire market, accumulating a vast wealth of knowledge and contacts. We have a deep understanding of the market, which allows us to quickly, efficiently, and accurately find and deliver a packaging process optimization solution tailored specifically to you from the world’s best manufacturers, designers, and suppliers.


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